Hello world!

Welcome to the birth of my blog! As  a blogging new born I am excited about what this fresh new world has to offer but also daunted by how much I don’t know and how much I have to learn. So,  I do hope you will bear with me as I take my first baby steps.

Carolyn Corben of The New Renaissance

this is me

My name is Carolyn Corben and I am the designer and owner of The New Renaissance, a small company that produces beautiful printed luxury bedding and nightwear. You can read more about the company on the ‘about’ page here or at our beautiful brand new website


My aim here is to firstly  keep you updated with what’s going on with The New Renaissance: any exciting news,  press, new prints and products, special offers etc. Secondly though I want to share my thoughts, finds and  inspiration with you! In particular inspiring ideas for you and your home. This might be a tip on where to find some wonderful wallpaper, or a picture of my latest vintage fashion and furniture finds or the details of a hot hotel I have stayed in. These will be a selection of my current favourite things and I hope they will  delight and inspire you as much as they delight and inspire me. I look forward to hearing your comments 😉


Carolyn xxx


About thenewrenaissance

I am the designer and owner of The New Renaissance - a beautiful collection of printed bedding and nightwear. I live in Glasgow and London in the UK.
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1 Response to Hello world!

  1. Nikki says:

    Hello Carolyn!
    Wow first comment – yay!
    Love your new website, a credit to you, keep up the good work!

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